How to Refinance Student Loans

Not many students can finance their higher education, and that is why many of the students apply for student loans. Refinancing of the student loans is one of the most strategic moves you can take to settle your loans fast. By refinancing your loans, you will get a lower interest rate which will be spread over many months. One of the common questions asked on the refinancing is the duration that the process takes. This article highlights a step-by-step guide to the financing of the student loans;

Check rates

ratesFirstly, ensure that you check the rates with the different lenders. Since you are not bound to one offer or lender, always ensure that you look for the various proposals and choose one that is suitable for you. We have different service providers that offer the refinancing of student loans. They include credit unions, online lenders, and banks. Most have websites that have integrated the checking tools. Use this tool to check for the rates.

Choosing the lender

After checking the rates of the various providers; you can then make a perfect choice. Many people always select the service provider at the lowest rates. Use the inbuilt calculator on the site that will tell you how much you will save based on the interest rate. You can also make a loan comparison of the various terms like the five or ten-year plan and establish how much you will have saved within the period. What you should know is that a longer term will give you lower monthly rate, but you will accrue more interest since you will take a longer time to repay your loan.

Customer service

The customer service is another critical element that will inform your decision. Since you need your issue to be professionally handled it is essential to choose a service provider that has the best customer service. You can talk to friends or read the online reviews to have an idea of how well a company treats its clients.


documentationHave the required documentation and paperwork ready when applying for the student loan refinancing. This is critical since your loan will not be processed without all the documentation. Some of the documents that you need when applying for the student refinancing include proof of income, loan statement, valid identification documents and you also have to give them consent to check your credit score.If you are doing the application through a cosigner, then you will even have to provide the personal information of the cosigner. Watch the video below on how to best refinance the student loans;