How To Join A Local Chamber Of Commerce


If you are a small business wanting to become legitimate, you must join a chamber of commerce. It comes with numerous benefits. The aim of a chamber of commerce is to help local business people by providing them with useful resources and promoting them. Connecting with a chamber of commerce makes your business appear legitimate and connects you with other business people. It give you an opportunity to network. Different chambers of commerce have different requirements for entry. This article will however, provide you with the necessary tips to join one.

Joining a chamber of commerce


You can get all information you need from the internet. Visit their website and learn what they are all about. They will have explained what they can do to you clearly. Get to learn about the admission process from the website too.


After you have learned what the chamber of commerce is all about, submit an application for your business. You can get application papers from their website or visit their physical stores if they are not doing it online. Understand all application requirements and what how you will benefit from them. Application fee varies with the kind of service you request.

Attend their events

After your application is successful, attend all event sponsored by the chamber of commerce you joined. All events are ideal for networking be it barbeques or official affairs. You will be making yourself known and building a relationships with professionals on attending the events. You will be informed and provided with many resources a small business wants, so never miss any.

Advertise yourself on print

Now that you are physically known, it is time to make yourself known on print. Ask for opportunities to appear on their website. As a new business you cannot miss such an opportunity to display your services and tell people what your business is all about.

The last step in joining a chamber of commerce is submitting a promotional package to your area branch. The package must include all your details including logos, brand, slogans, brochures, information packets and any other material you use to promote your services. As a small business you want to grow, you should be informed on all advertising platforms and make a point of joining them. You will never sell if your business is not known. The only way to get yourself known is by advertising yourself.



Bettie Demby Author